Pruex technology aims to reduce ammonia and the need for antibiotics on a Farming Connect demonstration farm

Pruex are working on a Farming Connect project at Wern Farm near Welshpool in Wales to explore optimal environment conditions for free range laying chickens to increase bird health and thus productivity and profitability.

Farming Connect aim to transform agri-businesses across Wales. 

As a government organisation they provide farm and forestry businesses in Wales with support, advice, guidance and training on both a one-to-one and group basis.

Pruex aims to help lead the fight back against Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR).

Pruex work with:

  • Farmers, regardless of species of animal farmed, to develop evidence based strategies on their farms to enable them to develop and demonstrate to consumers their prudent as opposed to excessive use of antibiotics.
  • Consumers to enable prudent as opposed to excessive antibiotic use, by limiting the opportunities for infections to take hold and reduce infection pressure. 

 The video details the scope of the project.