Reducing production costs by improving water quality

There are many farm inputs that dairy farmers can buy which add to the cost of their production. "One of the most expensive things a dairy farmer can do is to give poor quality water to their cows" said Aled Rhys Davies, managing director and founder of Pruex.

Pruex work with farmers to find out which bacterial colonies generate biofilm in their pipes and troughs. Armed with this information, Pruex suggest dose rates of their water product to help prevent biofilm formation. 

"We consistently get feedback on milk quality. Positive butterfat and protein modulation as a result of providing clean water. Common sense tells us that you can't get clean milk from dirty water. Our top producers value the extra income they can achieve from getting top quality water" Said Aled.

If you have a horrid slime on the walls of your water troughs, and/or within your water pipes then it would be worth speaking to Pruex. Call today on +441558668822