The Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust aims to develop leaders to inspire Positive change in agriculture. The Royal Welsh Agricultural Society in 2015 sponsored Aled Rhys Davies to conduct a Nuffield study into 'Alternatives to Antibiotics in Agriculture'. As a result, Aled founded Pruex in 2016 with the aim of leading the fight against Anti Microbial Resistance. On the 27th June 2019, Aled, along with Caryl his wife, accepted an award on behalf of Pruex from Public Health England for recognition of the 'Antibiotic Guardian' activities undertaken by the team at Pruex. We would like to thank all the people we have worked with to limit the need for antibiotics for helping us achieve our goals.

The Royal Welsh Agricultural Society is far greater than the sum of the events and shows organised at Builth Wells. It contributes a great deal to the continuation of agriculture and the prosperity of rural communities. At Pruex, we thank them for investing in Nuffield Scholars.

Pruex are sponsoring at this years' Royal Welsh Show in an attempt to repay the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society for investing in Aled Rhys Davies, the founder of Pruex. In 2015, the Society sponsored Aleds' two year Nuffield Farming Scholarship looking at antibiotic use in agriculture. On completion of his study, Aled founded Pruex with the aim of leading the fight against Anti-Microbial Resistance. Pruex sponsoring the Society closes the circle. "It's a way for me to say thank you to the charity that runs the show, for their vision and guardianship of agriculture, it's people and future", says Aled.

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2018 Show Season

Eight hand washing stations have been commissioned of craftsman Jonathan Garrard of Llandeilo. Pruex will donate these, as well as the soap available, to the Society to be positioned near the main livestock areas. Those attending the show will be able to ensure their hands are clean before and after contact with the animals at the event.

The stations are in production and will soon be delivered. Their design aims to catch the attention of the show visitors, and be visually pleasing.

These are some of the current station locations, and the sites where the new Pruex ones will be positioned.

Pruex will also have a stand at the show, and will sponsor the Production Inspection Competition held at 10.15 in the Cattle Ring on the Wednesday morning.

The build process is well underway. The first assembly is being conducted.

The first draft design of the graphic to be used is issued.


 The typo was picked, thanks to the power of social media. This artwork will be amended and finalised soon.

The go ahead has been given to the graphic.

Looking good so far.

 The soap used is really special and very clever technology. Come to our stand at the event to find out why.

If you're at the show, and you use the Pruex Hand Wash Stations, come and tell us what you think of the condition of your hands afterwards. If you're at the show for all four days, and use the Pruex Hand Wash Stations daily, we would really like to talk to you about your opinion of the effect it has on your hands. Talk to us, any day, but please make an effort on the last day, the Thursday.

Our stand is near the cattle ring.

There used to be a provisions shop for stockmen, adjacent to the cattle buildings. This marquee has become a permanent structure within the stockmen caravan park. The Pruex Stand is located where that shop used to be. See you and your clean hands there.

 The final coats of varnish are being applied ahead of delivery to the showground. Planning transportation has also been a challenge, but the team have a solution.




All hands on deck during assembly.

The first two are in place.


Pruex also has a stand. If you've attended the show in the past you might recognise this view:

The building on the left is one of the original cattle buildings, the red brick building are the toilets north of the cattle ring. The white gable end marquee in the distance is the old provisions shop for stockmen.

This is a close up photo of the shop, the day it was being disassembled. This will be the site for the Pruex stand. Please visit us to find out how we can help reduce the risk of bacterial infections for you and your livestock.

Don't worry, a new provisions shop has been built at the entrance to the stockman caravan park.