Bacterial resistance to Disinfectant, Antiseptic and Antibiotics (AMR), is a BIG problem for the population of the globe.

At Pruex, we aim to lead the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance. (AMR). Communicating this problem to people is a challenge, as they don't seem to understand why the issue is called Antimicrobial Resistance, they always ask, why not call it Antibiotic Resistance? They really don't know that bacteria can develop resistance to Antiseptic products and get alarmed when they discover that bacteria can also develop resistance to Disinfectants.

Infection control, a method of cleaning, in hospitals, in homes, in schools, on farms have all concentrated on achieving sterility, but, we and our animals don't live in a sterile world. Minutes after cleaning, the void generated by disinfection is already being repopulated by bacteria and other micro organisms. At Pruex, we communicate a new and highly successful message. Our strategy is to populate the environments we live in with non infective bacteria. That is, good bacteria that doesn't make us or our animals sick. We know how to turn surfaces from being dominated by infectious bacteria into surfaces dominated by harmless bacteria for the long term. This makes the surfaces safe. People and animals then don't need antibiotics because they simply aren't infected by disease causing bacteria.

On farms we measure reductions around 70% in the amount of antibiotics used. On other farms we work to help the farmers achieve zero antibiotic use. We believe strongly that if an animal is infected with a bacteria that can be controlled by antibiotics, that the animal should be treated with the drug for welfare reasons. Prudent (PRU), as opposed to Excessive (EX), use of antibiotics - PRU EX.

Hospitals in countries like Canada, Australia, Germany, Benelux and Italy are already using this technology, and our work in homes and other public places ensure safe environments for those inhabitants.

Pruex work a One Health strategy. We work across all species, human, pet and food producing animals. Work with us, help us inspire others to act.

We saw this video online recently and include it within this document. It communicates the issue we face in terms of Antimicrobial resistance with particular reference to antibiotic resistance. Well done the people at that made the film.