Prevention or Cure?

In a modern agricultural context both animal welfare and production gains can be achieved by developing strategies to limit the effect of bacterial infections on farm. The starting point has to be based on evidence. Only by knowing which bacteria cause infections can farmers start to break the cycle of infection, cure and re-infection.
The alternative is to invest in treating every animal with a medicinal treatment, be that a bacterial vaccine, or antibiotic. Both of these treatments are given post an infection. Preventing the ability of bacteria to infect an animal is a key and achievable aim.
Pruex work with farmers to do three things:
1 Find evidence as to which bacteria are causing problems on farm
2 Based on the evidence generated, develop cleaning strategies to prevent infectious bacteria from building colonies
3 Inform consumers of good work done on farm to limit the risk of anti-microbial resistance from over use of antibiotics.
Farmers looking to develop strategies to ensure Prudent as opposed to Excessive antibiotic use should contact Pruex for more information.