Pruex enables agriculture to remain environmentally beneficial in a circular economy

Chemicals have been used by vets and farmers in an attempt to keep all forms of livestock healthy. Antibiotics, antiseptics, and biocides are technologies that attempt to achieve sterility, but of course, sterility isn't achievable outside of controlled conditions such as those found in a laboratory, and is impossible at farm level. Synthetic chemicals have been used to grow plants, yet our waterways are under pressure from the nitrogen and phosphorus contained in such products as well as from human sludge and animal slurry or muck applied to land. 

Pruex aims to lead the fight against antimicrobial resistance and environmental pollution. This video illustrates how we do so. An environmental success, improved animal welfare and animal health, all contributing to improved food production and food density. A one health approach that shows how Pruex can enable environmentally beneficial farming and optimise a circular economy.