Aled Davies - Autogenous vaccines item on the BBC

Autogenous vaccines (formerly known as autovaccines) are therapeutic vaccines, individually tailored for a patient or animal. These vaccines are made from cultures of pathogenic micro-organisms which are isolated from the site of an infection (furuncle, boils, abscess, urine).

On the 18th January, 2017, the article that featured Aled Davies, interviewed by the BBC One Show about alternatives to antibiotics in agriculture was aired. The week before, and a fortnight before, Aled had received emails, both on a Thursday stating that the feature would go out on the programme that evening. He diligently proclaimed the impending airing via social media, but the item was pulled on both occasions. He claims the "no-show" on two occasions made him very nervous. "Being filmed for an item on national television, you are at the mercy of the editor. I just wanted what I said to be properly represented, with useful soundbites making the feature as opposed to being deposited to the edit floor. When the item finally went out, I did feel a relief. Autogenous vaccines are a great tool in the prevention of disease, but my point about finding and negating the source of infection did come through."

Pruex works with farmers to find such pathogenic bacterial infections and negate their ability to infect farm animals and staff.

View the article here on the BBC iPlayer. (It starts 32 minutes in to the programme.)