Are we too clean?

Bacteria surrounds us, we have evolved in conjunction with bacteria, around fifty percent of our body is made up of bacterial cells, with the remaining being human cells. In short, we can't live without bacteria.

Friendly bacteria can keep us healthy, and disease causing bacteria can kill us. Our use of disinfectants over the last fifty years has been with the aim of sterilising surfaces to prevent infectious bacteria from harming us.

In many retail outlets, the prevalence and availability of alcohol hand gels are on the increase. But sterilising our hands leaves a wonderful surface area for repopulation by the next bacteria to arrive on our hands. So, the very next thing we touch, our nose, our phone, or a keyboard will populate our sterile hands with the dominant bacteria that populate those surfaces. So, we run the risk of growing dangerous bad bacteria to dominate the surface of our hands. The total opposite to our aim of sterilising.

Pruex distribute Bi-safe Hand Gel, an alcohol hand gel that also includes bacteria. Once the alcohol dissipates post application, the bacterial spores held within the gel start hatching friendly bacteria on the surface of the hands. This bacteria quickly becomes the dominant population on the users hands, and can prevent harmful bacteria from colonising the surface of the skin. The process uses competition for space and resources to limit the ability of harmful bacteria to populate the hands and become the dominant bacterial population.


Bi-Safe Hand Gel

We teach our children to wash their hands before eating a meal or after a visit to the bathroom. We, usually in public toilets, wash our hands and are then faced with a door handle for an inward opening door. It doesn't take a genius to work out which type of bacteria populate our hands thereafter.

Pull Handle

Bi-safe Hand Gel could keep you and your family safe.