Out competing bad bacteria in sheep sheds

E.Coli comes in many forms. Not all types create clinical infections, but the way we house our sheep can lead to high concentrations of coliform and other bad bacteria in the immediate environments that our newborn lambs are born into. The air they breathe will contain the same bacteria as will be within the bedding, carried by convection, they coat the roof and walls of our sheds. In other words, our sheds become contaminated.

By stabilising with AHS, in other words, spraying a fine mist of non infective bacteria, on the bedding, this contamination can be reversed or even prevented. The video below shows how easy it is to stabilise with AHS. 

So, what about the results?

Non infective bacteria dominant in the bedding, the different water bowls/troughs and the cladding, (Walls of the shed). A non infective environment to welcome the new crop of lambs.

You know that animals don't live in sterile environments. Make sure your lambs get off to the best start by stabilising your sheep sheds with AHS from Pruex.

It can be done from outside the pen.