How clean is your kitchen?

Was your effort to clean your kitchen worth it?

How long does your kitchen stay clean once you disinfect?

Is there another way to clean that ensures the safety of your family?

Nature holds the answer. More non infective bacteria exist naturally than infective ones. If we kill the bugs on surfaces, we kill both types and allow what's in the biofilm beneath, i.e. a nest of bad bugs in a deeper layer, to populate the surfaces post cleaning.

The alternative, and natural way to clean surfaces, is to do what nature does. i.e. to add more non infective bacteria to surfaces. Tipping the balance in favour of good bugs actually removes biofilm and hence renders the surface safe.

Pruex works with a range of human, pet and food producing sectors to do just that. We provide bacterial solutions that get rid of biofilm from animal facing surfaces with the aim of reducing bacterial infections and hence the need for antibiotics.