Exceptional efforts in animal welfare help reduce antibiotic use

The reduced use of antibiotics in agriculture has been focused on for some time now in the quest to limit Anti Microbial Resistance, (AMR). We all have  a responsibility, consumers, pet owners and farmers, to use antibiotics prudently as opposed to excessively. #PruEx. The agricultural industry has indeed been successful in reducing antibiotic use by concentrating on prudent use and by ensuring proper both vaccination and good colostrum protocol for ruminant young stock. Further reductions will be harder to achieve without a strong focus on the environments we surround our animals. Preventing infections from the animals' environments by ensuring clean water, dry bedding or litter, and fresh air quality. When housing animals, these simple requirements can be hard to achieve. In this video, Vet Rob Drysdale discusses how he and his team have benefited from a determined approach to reduce toxins in their animals' environments.