Attention to detail reducing the risk of bacterial and fungal infection

Doctors are often criticised for over prescribing antibiotics, with the general public often blamed for insisting on receiving antibiotics without knowing if their illness is the result of bacterial or viral infection.

Vets are also criticised for over prescribing and selling antibiotics to farmers and pet owners.

Be the criticism valid or not, we all have an obligation to use antibiotics prudently as opposed to excessively, #PruEx. For human, food prducing animals, sport animals and pets, we need to apply the same safeguards to help reduce the speed of Anti Microbial Resistance.

Attention to detail at a prominent Shropshire stable yard, with the aim of reducing the risk of infection of horses by the environment they are kept in, has paid dividends. 

High walfare, hygiene and stockmanship standards are reducing the risk of infection.