Exceptional efforts in improved animal welfare help reduce disease risk

Even on high welfare units, disease can be problematic. In this video, Stephen Conisbee discusses how he has further improved husbandry from an already elevated position to benefit from less disease.

Turkeys and buildings were contaminated with Campylobacter.  Based on advice from vet Rob Drysdale, the farmer contacted Pruex looking for an alternative to antibiotic treatment. Having improved hygiene by using AHS as a fog on litter, and Water Plus to treat water lines, within two weeks, no campylobacter was found within the buildings, the processing plant nor bird carcasses.

Three month old purchased calves would  typically be given an antibiotic due to pneumonia issues. By using Pruex on bedding and water, there has been a significant reduction in pneumonia cases and increased production as a consequence. Pruex has helped ensure prudent as opposed to excessive antibiotic use, and would like to thank Rob Drysdale for inspiring positive change in agriculture.