With the outbreak of the Corona COVID19 virus worldwide, Pruex is receiving many questions about the effectiveness of its probiotic cleaning and personal care products. By means of this blog, we want to provide correct information on what to expect and how to use the Pruex products.

NOTE: NOT A SINGLE PRODUCT in the world can prevent direct transmission of this (or any) virus through aerosols (tiny particles when sneezing or coughing) from person to person. So, we need to focus on the indirect transfer through hands, surfaces or objects. Pruex products contain good bacteria for improved hygiene and protection. Upon application, the good bacteria stay on the surface (hard surface, textile, skin...) in order to provide two main benefits:
- Deep cleaning: The good bacteria produce enzymes that digest organic pollution in order to make the surface microscopically clean. The good bacteria remain active for several days continuously!
- Healthy microbiome: The good bacteria cover all surfaces (including skin) for a reduced risk of infection, as proven by clinical trials (Caselli 2018; PLOS ONE)

In order to benefit from this superior protection, Pruex advise the following
actions and products:

1) Surface cleaning. COVID19 may survive longer on surfaces that contain biofilm or a lot of organic pollution. Cleaning with any of the Pruex cleaning products will make sure that the surface becomes and remains free of organic pollution. The probiotics will keep cleaning the surface constantly! Such a clean surface will also improve the efficacy of disinfectants if needed.

Recommended products: Pruex Economic Pro for surfaces and Pruex Floor Cleaner.
Frequency of application: minimum of 2x per week; daily for kitchen and toilets

2) Hand hygiene. One of the most important direct ways of transferring COVID19 from one person to another is by means of the hands. Cleaning your hands with Pruex products will create a healthy skin microbiome on the skin to strongly lower the risk of pathogen transfer.

Recommended product: Pruex Hand Soap and Pruex Hand Gel.
Frequency of application: Several times a day after each contact with a contaminated surface, bathroom visit or hand shaking.

3) Objects/textile. It is not always possible to clean all surfaces/materials (such as textile) or objects. This leaves a possible hot spot for the corona virus. Pruex has an ultrasonic fogging device to cover all surfaces and objects with a good microflora to lower the risk of infections.

Recommended product: Probinano Home & Office mister (1 device per 50m2)
Frequency of application: Permanent through automatic timer function

  4) Personal protection. Besides a proper hand hygiene, one can also further protect oneself. It has been proven that the Corona COVID19 virus first infects the upper respiratory tract and sinuses. Making sure these areas also harbour a healthy microbiome will lower the risk of infection. Pruex has a system to promote such a healthy microbiome by means of inhaling Pruex good bacteria. The system is 100% safe and passed the official OECD403 tests.

Recommended product: Probinano Facial Mister
Frequency of application: Twice daily


The risk of infection can be reduced significantly by paying attention to some prevention measures such as proper hygiene.  If you should get infected, do not panic. COVID19 is no more lethal than flu. Avoid infecting others by keeping a distance and paying close attention to your hand hygiene and treatment of the room(s) you occupy with good bacteria.

Keep a strong immune function. This can be aided by using Allimed capsules.

Frequency of application. One capsule twice a day. See pack for details.