Making the link between improved environment, welfare and increased production

Pruex is pioneering  research work in agriculture that demonstrates how improving the environments we surround our animals does enrich their welfare. The fantastic news is that production efficiency is seen to increase as a result. 'It makes perfect common sense. Healthy environments are good for the health of our animals. Reducing stress from the environment reduces the risk of infection. Healthy animals make better use of their feed" Says Aled Rhys Davies who founded Pruex with the aim of leading the fight against antimicrobial resistance. (AMR). 
Pruex uses microbiology and in barn sensors to monitor the health of the animals' environments. "In poultry, our ammonia sensors measure fluctuations in real time, we monitor feed intake and output variables such as growth rates. All good science, but actually, when you walk through a Pruex barn and then through a control shed where hens are reared conventionally, the energy levels demonstrated by the birds in the improved environment - the Pruex Barn, is evident to the stockman because the birds seem full of energy. Some run around and seem to be having fun. Growth rate increases confirm the extra energy. It's fantastic to observe" Says Aled.
Contact Pruex on +441558509025 if you're interested in improving environments, welfare and production on your farms.