Forequarter udder infections - a call to action

When cows get infections on the front of their udders, you need to contact Pruex. The same bacteria that cause digital dermatitis infections are often the cause of the problem.
Having conducted two years commercial research work part funded by the the Government through ERDF via the Cornwall Development Company part of Cornwall Council, we have observed fantastic results in cleanliness of udders, feet and bedding. Infections of udders and feet as a result over our R&D period were seen to decrease.
Our cleaning process doesn’t involve disinfectant, antiseptic or antibiotics all of which aim to kill bacteria and can contribute to Antimicrobial resistance, AMR. The problem being that the newly cleaned surface quickly get repopulated often with the infective bugs that dominate the area. It’s impossible to keep a wound like the ones in the image sterile on commercial dairy farms. We need an innovative strategy, one which Pruex have developed in order to reduce stress on the suffering animal so that her own immune system is maintained at an efficient and effective level. That doesn’t mean that the immune system is improved, it means that the cow faces less challenges in her environment so that her immune system is less likely to collapse allowing the infection to flourish.
If you have cows with similar infections then we need to talk. Our office number is +441558509025