Focusing on the environment, nutrition and stock allows fantastic reductions in antibiotic use.

Jack Foulks and his Family farm in Anglesey running a flock of 3,000 Suffolk cross Texel cross mule breeding ewes lambing in February. 

Due to a high rainfall area lambing takes place indoors between the months of January and early April, with the majority of lambs born in February. Ewes are housed from the start of December. “Before implementing the Pruex 5 point plan in 2019 we did
have a problem with E Coli scours in the lambs and numerous cases of joint ill. We didn’t loose many lambs, but did have to use more antibiotics than we’d want to limit the problem.” Said Jack. Each lamb was given an oral antibiotic treatment along with a penicillin injection. “Our successes in reducing our issues aren’t purely down to using Pruex products to ensure a dry bed, clean air and pure water, we have also worked on the nutrition of the ewes with the renowned vet Kate Hovers. Getting all things right can make a real difference. Since we’ve used the Pruex Water Plus treatment via a dosatron and misted our bedding with Pruex Stabiliser, the E Coli scours have stopped and we have also ended the problematic blanket treatment of antibiotics.” Said Jack 

The ewes bedding is noticeably dryer. “When Aled told me to use a liquid product to dry up the bedding, if I’m honest, to start with I didn’t believe him, but it really does dry up the bedding. We don’t use a great deal less straw but I think that’s because the ewes seem to eat more of it than they used to. We aim to keep the ewes as clean as possible and the Pruex Stabiliser certainly helps in that respect”