A "New" antibiotic for Staph Aureus in Dairy Cows

At the Welsh Dairy Event in Carmarthen, we have learned of a "new" antibiotic available to our vets from a company in Belgium. Albiotic has a claim for Staph Aureus.

It is important that we as an industry respect this technology by using it prudently as opposed to excessively.

Pruex can help. Our on farm culture package allows farmers to identify which bacteria is causing an infection. Typically within 24 hours, a bacterial infection can be identified. A sample of milk is taken by the farmer from an infected quarter. This is plated, incubated for 24 hours and the results analysed. If the "bug" is Staph Aureus, your vet can advise you if you should use this new antibiotic to treat.

The plate shows Staph Aureus bacteria. Farmers can use the book that comes with the pack to identify the "bug".