Walkies Wool - Wrap it, Move it and feel good about your environment.

We don't want to see dog poo on our footpaths.

We don't want to see plastic bags full of dog poo left in the countryside.

We don't want the high carbon cost of collecting dog poo bags, transportation and then incineration.

 We want an environmentally beneficial way of moving dog poo to a safe location.

We want Walkies Wool.

Walkies Wool has been cleaned and populated by Pruex bacteria using a patent applied for technology. During the cleaning process these beneficial bacteria digest the oil in the wool so that it no longer smells like fresh wool. 

Walkies Wool is a natural product that's both good for your hands, and for the environment. The beneficial bacteria in the wool is kind to human skin and also competes for resources in the poo with the harmful bacteria in the dog poo. This reduces the risk of harmful bacterial contamination in the countryside. 

By wrapping the dog poo in Walkies Wool and moving it off the footpath, you are helping nature decompose the poo naturally.