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Synbiotic treatment of the entire living, work and recreation environment for a healthier and more pleasant life.


Ultrasonic fogger for synbiotics.


    Healthy living, healthy working

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 30% of all buildings suffers from Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). Especially modern buildings with artificial ventilation and aircon are very sensitive to SBS development. Due to the accumulation of germs, fungi, dust, allergens, unpleasant odors and other undesired pollution, the health of employees and inhabitants is severely threatened. This leads to increased disease and as such also decreased productivity amongst employees.


    Synbiotic treatment of the indoor environment

    Through the patented Synbio® technology the entire indoor environment is being made more healthy by promoting a good microbiota on ALL surfaces; also those surfaces that are difficult to reach for frequent cleaning.



    Synbiotic is the combination of probiotics and prebiotics:

    Probiotics: Good bacteria that improve health of humans and animals.

    Prebiotics: Nutrients that stimulate the development of good bacteria in the




    Synbiotic treatment of the indoor environment leads to:

    • Healthy microflora on allsurfaces with

    reduced risk on pathogens and mould

    • Less allergens

    • Less pollution

    • Less odours


    Probinano Home & Office mister

    Not all surfaces can be sufficiently treated through regular cleaning. Some are very

    inaccessible (ceilings, air ducts...) and others cannot be cleaned frequently enough

    (carpet, curtains, radiators...). Therefore, the Probinano Home & Office mister was

    developed to treat ALL surfaces permanently with the Synbio® technology.

    How does it work?

    Through ultrasound vibrations synbiotically charged water particles are being

    generated of just 1μm (1/1000 of a millimeter!). This produces a very fine synbiotic

    mist that distributes quickly though the air and all indoor spaces. Through this mist the probiotics and prebiotics are placed on all surfaces in the room. The Home & Office mister generates about 1 million probiotics per second leading to a load of good bacteria in the entire room already after a few minutes. The prebiotics then boost the development of a good microflora on all surfaces.


    Scientifically proven!

    More than 10 years of research in hospitals on 12.000 patients has proven that covering surfaces with probiotics leads to the following benefits:

    • Reducing the risk of pathogens with more than 80% continuously and permanently!

    • Lowering antibiotic resistance amongst pathogens

    • 54,8% less infections

    Caselli et al, 2018. Reducing healthcare-associated infections incidence by a probiotic-based sanitation system: A multicentre,

    prospective, intervention study.

    Probinano Home & Office mister

    Synbiotic treatment of living, work and sports environment for

    • Less infections

    • Less absenteeism

    • Increased productivity

    • Less allergies



    Synbio® products are 100% safe with ingredients that come from nature. The probiotics originate from soil and water and the prebiotics from chicory root. The many years of application of the products in hospitals, schools and daycare centers testify to the highest reliability. In addition, the most important quality and safety labels have been awarded to Synbio®. Examples are ATCC class 1, QPS of the European food agency (EFSA), the EU Ecolabel and successful toxicity reports from OECD.

    In addition, the ingredients of Synbio® are also approved for use in cosmetic products for which very strict safety requirements apply!

    Product information

    Ultrasonic mister on rechargeable battery with refills of 100ml

    Synbio® liquid.


    User friendly!

    • Hang or place the Home & Office mister in

    your living, working or sporting indoor


    • 1 mister per 50m2 space

    • Set to automatic misting mode

    • Recharge the battery and replace the refill

    every 45 days

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