Pruex Barn Sensors Temp / Humidity / CO2 / NH3


Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia 

In addition to the sensors, there will also be a need for:

  • LoRa Gateway
  • Fitting/assembly
  • Software rental (Monthly) £45 per month per system.

  • LoRaWAN sensors are used. These sensors are equipped with a robust housing so that they deliver good results even in difficult situations. The climate sensor measures temperature (° C), humidity (%), CO2 (ppm) and NH3 (ppm). The sensor is equipped with an adapter with plug for 220 volt connection incl. 10 meter cabling. (low voltage is used in the department)

  • A 2-year manufacturer's warranty is given on the sensors. This warranty is voided if sensors have been used improperly. If the sensors are used in animal stables, they must be removed when the animal stable is cleaned.

  • The first-line service for the hardware will be performed by Pruex.

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