A liquid nutritional supplement for ruminants and pigs. For the attenuation of stress. - LYSOPART is intended to alleviate stress reactions post calving, lambing or farrowing.

Given orally, mixed with water or with a small amount of feed.

Dose Rate:

Up to 120Kg, 6ml in 30ml of drinking water 2 times a day for 5 days

Over 120Kg, 10ml in 100ml of drinking water 2 times a days.

Post Birth: Dose immediately after calving/lambing/farrowing and again at 12 hour intervals.


Minerals - Trace elements - Aromatic and appetising plant extracts. (Dandelion, Arnica, Sage, Cassis).


Gross Protein: <1.0%

Crude Fat: 0.1%

Gross Cellulose: 0.2%

Crude Ash: 5.0%

Humidity: 95%

Calcium: <10mg/l

Phosphorus: <5mg/l

Sodium: 0.3%

Additives per litre:

Magnesium: 5000mg

Manganese (sulfate): 400mg

Zinc (sulfate): 300mg

Keep in original packaging with closed lid.

Shake before use.


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