1.0 Dry Period End - Gallic Post Calving Bolus x 12



Expulsion of the fetal membranes (placenta) and involution of the uterus (getting ready for the next pregnancy) comprise the third stage of labor. The placenta is usually expelled within a few hours of birth but complete involution of the uterus takes up to 40 days after calving.  

Farmers give cows the Gallic Post Calving Bolus orally (by mouth), once the cow has calved. 

"Hi!! So today we had our routine vet visit and she checked 3 of the heifers that calved 2 weeks ago and received the gallic post calving bolus and she was impressed with how clean and tidy the uterus was looking she said it was more like something that had been calved a month not a fortnight!!!!" (Dairy Farming Business - Cornwall)

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