Eamon Sheehan is contracted to work with Pruex to help farmers in Ireland limit their need for antibiotics, and is based in Kilkenny. In 2017 Eamon was awarded a Nuffield scholarship studying Antimicrobial Resistance. He is a relatively new entrant to Dairy farming, coming from a Suckler and beef background he made the switch in 2013 and is currently milking 150 cows.

Eamon is based in Kilkenny and can be contacted on (086) 609 8300

or by email at

He witnessed large agricultural businesses' focus on animal health and husbandry during his world wide Nuffield Global Focus travels. He realised that, regardless of scale, best practice in terms of reducing sickness was the key to a healthy, productive and profitable livestock enterprise. He related this experience to his own business and came to the conclusion that, his, like many other farms in Ireland, had operational aspects that needed focus and improvement.

Eamon's interest in breeding and producing healthy animals begins day one by ensuring adequate colostrum as soon as they calve giving each calf a vital head start in life. He also pratices selective dry cow therapy with only 30% of his herd recieving Dry Cow Therapy at end of lactation last year.

Eamon hopes to further improve his herd health with the assitance of Pruex, reducing the pressure to his animals immune system by limiting the areas of infection.


Pictured with Aled Davies of Pruex

Eamon will focus on four main areas:

  1. Water quality
    1. Maintaining non infective water for livestock
    2. Ensuring non infective calving pens and calf accommodation
    3. Dairy parlour protocols - reducing the risk of infection during milking
    4. Healthy feet for livestock.