1.1.1 PIP Hand Soap 150ml OE5



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Pruex distribute Bi-Safe Hand Soap, that also includes bacteria. Once the soap and water dissipates post application, the bacterial spores held within the soap start hatching friendly bacteria on the surface of the hands. This bacteria quickly becomes the dominant population on the users hands, and can prevent harmful bacteria from colonising the surface of the skin. The process uses competition for space and resources to limit the ability of harmful bacteria to populate the hands and become the dominant bacterial population.

We teach our children to wash their hands before eating a meal or after a visit to the bathroom. We, usually in public toilets, wash our hands and are then faced with a door handle for an inward opening door. It doesn't take a genius to work out which type of bacteria populate our hands thereafter.

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Bi-safe Hand Soap could keep you and your family safe.

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