1.0 QuietWean tags (bags of 10)


We use Royal Mail first class post to deliver Quiet Wean Tags, apart from Friday or Saturday orders, where second class dispatch seems to arrive on farm just as quick.


  • Producers have found that QuietWean nose tags reduce “shipping fever” and respiratory infections 
    • Less need for antibiotics
  • Calves weaned using QuietWean spend 25% more time eating, 95% less time bawling and pace up to 15 miles less than traditional weaning!
  • QuietWean tags can be used again and again, making them very economical
  • Successful, low-stress weaning can be accomplished in only 4 – 7 days


Questions from Aled:

Could you please provide me with some feedback about Quiet Wean Tags. The questions we tend to get are: 
  • Do they work? (Less post weaning infections).
  • Do they come out? (Do calves knock them off?).
  • Do people who buy them keep using them?
Any help in terms of feedback would be gratefully received.
Answers from Users:

"I'd say they do work as there was less roaring, I couldn't say regarding infection as I had calves vaccinated against pneumonia. Some calves do get them out. Yes I will try them again."

"Hi Aled,Yes I would be happy to provide feedback. They work brilliantly and we have weaned 3 groups so far with them. There is virtually no roaring whatsoever and certainly we haven't treated any calves, however we also vaccinate against pneumonia anyway. I have them washed and disinfected and will be using them to wean more calves in the future. We have had one calf lose theirs however we managed to put it back on the next day and it stayed in place. A couple of calves have beaten it and managed to suck however the majority it worked well on. Overall a fantastic tool to help weaning and I have and will continue to recommend them to other farmers."
"Hi Aled
:  I have now used the quiet wean tags on several groups  of animals , I have found that they make significant reduction in the stress levels during weaning . The calves hardly bleed at at all and are much more settled.
:  I have found that they only seem to come out if animals are feeding either out of creep feeders or ring feeders. The autumn calves that were weaned in July had no feeders , just grass didn't lose any but the spring calves weaned at end of October had ring feeders out with silage in , lost 20%of them .
:  Although there is the extra work of putting them in etc , I will keep using them and would recommend them to other people."
"Hi there. I did an experiment over two lots of calves, both lots had calves that were a few weeks from being 6 months old. I held the tags off these calves. Some of the tags were knocked or pulled out, I would say from 60 calves 7 were knocked out. We left one lot for two weeks and another for one week. When we weined them the younger calves with no paddles were definiatley noisy and one or two of the calves that the tags fell out.  But on the whole a great result from the main bunch. They were quiet and settled into feed no problem."
"Very pleased with the weaning tags made the process considerably less stressful on calves and myself. When the cows were taken away there was no balling by the calves and no instance of pneumonia. Two of the twenty five tags came out during the four day process.Will reuse the tags again and can recommend the product."
"Love them! first batch i did i must not have put them in very well bec several came out. second batch i put them in and then jiggled them a bit to make sure they were straight and in properly. no losses that time. A lot less bawling anf cows and calves found it all a lot less stressful. no weaning weight chrck detected and i weigh twice a month..easy to clean and disinfect for re use. definitley recommend"
"Shwti Aled, Dylse ti wybod i beidio grondo ar Meinir erbyn hyn!!

 Do they work – Yes, if you can keep them in! 23 applied, lost or dropped out 5 ish. Definitely quieter calves and cows post weaning,  for the ones that remained in. Hard to say about post weaning infections. Will need to buy some more to wean the next batch, but will leave them straight out / not allow the cattle to be herded together , to increase retention. Siarad da ti cyn hir!"



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